Honey Loves Bea

Honey Loves Bea
One of the original Buttonface dolls

Monday, November 3, 2008


On the hike-and-bike trail this morning--light now at 6:30 since the time change--small golden leaves were spiralling down like coins all around the few of us early Monday souls doing penance for a weekend of sugary indulgence. It seems like such an appropriate currency for these times of economic uncertainty. Her gold reserve untarnished by the excesses and deceptions of Wall Street execs, Mother Nature showers blessings on all of us, regardless of our social standing, ethnic background, or political stripe. I hadn't really thought about it before, but there's a certain Mardi Gras feeling to autumn, with the status-leveling masked revels of All Hallows Eve, the vibrantly-colored leaves and fruits of harvest piled up everywhere like parade floats, and lavish, indulgent feasts to celebrate before winter wipes the slate clean for another year.

With Halloween already fading into the photobooks of memory, we're looking toward our season of thanksgiving, and even in the leanest of times, there is still much to be thankful for in America. While many of us may have less in our purses this year, the countryside is unequivocally and inclusively resplendent. We are rich in beauty, and this morning I feel the pockets of my spirit filled to bursting with nature's golden gifts.

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