Honey Loves Bea

Honey Loves Bea
One of the original Buttonface dolls

Friday, June 22, 2012

EJ Taylor workshop

I just spent an incredible week at a class in San Antonio with master doll artist EJ Taylor. I can't even begin to process the subtle (and not so subtle!) differences in the way that I see and sculpt following that experience, but from this point on the work will be changed! Our host for the week, the amazing artist Rosie Rojas, has posted some photos of the class, if you're interested http://www.rosierojas.com/ej_taylor_workshop/ej_taylor_workshop.html. And if you don't already know EJ Taylor's incredible work, go to ejtaylor.com and https://themastercraftchronicles.com/. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have had this opportunity. I hope to be posting more regularly as projects develop and pieces are completed. Happy summer! 

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